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About us

About Auberon Technology

Founded in 2009, Auberon Technology has swiftly emerged as a luminary in the technological landscape. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and efficiency, we have meticulously crafted solutions that cater to the evolving demands of the facility management industry. Over the years, our dedication to delivering unparalleled service and cutting-edge products has seen us grow exponentially, with our technologies now seamlessly integrated into over 500 facilities worldwide.

Our inception was marked by a vision to transform the way facilities are managed and operated. Through consistent efforts, strategic collaborations, and an adept understanding of industry nuances, we've pioneered a suite of specialized products. From harnessing the capabilities of AI for predictive facility management with AuberonIntel to streamlining document processes in collaboration with OpenText through AuberonDoc, our offerings are a testament to our pursuit of excellence.

As we reflect on our journey from 2009 to the present, it's evident that our success is attributed to more than just advanced solutions. It's a product of our undying passion, a deep understanding of our client's needs, and an incessant drive to redefine industry standards.

At Auberon Technology, we don't just offer products; we offer a future—a future where operations are streamlined, challenges are foreseen, and solutions are proactive. Join us as we continue to sculpt a world where technology and innovation converge to create spaces that are efficient, smart, and future-ready.

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Auberon Technology

More Than Solutions, A Partnership for Success

At Auberon Technology, we believe that innovation isn't just about developing advanced solutions but ensuring they pave the path for genuine progress. Our unique identity is rooted in this understanding, as we extend beyond the realm of mere solution developers to become committed partners in every project. Our approach is holistic and tailored—when you collaborate with Auberon, you're investing in a promise of unwavering support and guidance.

Our value proposition extends beyond state-of-the-art software. We recognize the nuances and intricacies of each project and are committed to hand-holding our clients through every phase. From initial integration to troubleshooting and regular optimizations, our team is by your side, ensuring not just the success of the project but the growth and evolution of your facilities.

Choose Auberon, where solutions meet steadfast support, and ambitions are transformed into tangible results.

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Our Smart Technology



Revolutionizing facility management, AuberonSpace employs cutting-edge tech to streamline operations, optimize space, and enhance facility efficiency. Dive into a realm of proactive management with insights and controls like never before.



In alliance with OpenText, we bring to you AuberonDoc—a solution for meticulous document management. Prioritize accuracy, compliance, and security, ensuring your critical documents are always accessible and organized.



Welcome to the future of Building Information Modeling with AuberonBuild. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals can now visualize, plan, and bring projects to life with unparalleled precision, thanks to our comprehensive BIM platform.



The future of asset management is here with AuberonTrack. Utilizing RFID and BLU-FI technologies, track equipment, maintain inventory, and ensure security, ushering in a new age of transparency and efficiency.



As the linchpin for intelligent facility management, AuberonConnect seamlessly integrates multiple systems and devices. Transform your facilities into smart, responsive ecosystems equipped to address real-time operational needs.



Venture into the realm of AI-driven facility management with AuberonIntel. Beyond mere management, it's about predictive analytics, energy consumption insights, and proactive solutions, all tailored for the next-generation facilities.


Our Vision

Leading the way for tomorrow's industries, Auberon Technology is committed to delivering transformative facility management solutions, making the digital evolution an intuitive process for all. Our vision paints a future marked by technological magnification of capabilities; a world where every structure and facility reaches its highest operational potential, and our distinct software solutions set the benchmark in turning ambitions into realities.

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Choose Auberon

Where Commitment Meets Excellence

In the dynamic realm of facility management, Auberon Technology stands out, not just as a solutions provider but as a dedicated partner. When you choose Auberon, you're not just investing in state-of-the-art software; you're embracing a partnership that's committed to your growth and success. We understand the intricacies of your challenges and deliver solutions tailored to meet, and often exceed, those needs. Our legacy of supporting clients through every phase, from ideation to execution and continuous optimization, is a testament to our dedication. With us, you gain more than a service; you acquire a partner resolute in ensuring your aspirations come to fruition. Choose Auberon, and let's co-create a future marked by excellence and innovation